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We focus on dealing with broken or lost keys, damaged locks, all types of lockouts, ECU programming, and much more. Our services are offered to the general public across Essex and beyond. Up there with the best vehicle locksmith companies in the country with the fastest services in the market. If you need emergency assistance, one of our skilled vehicle locksmiths will get you back on the road quickly.

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Cutting New Keys

Security is a concern for everybody, and with constant improvements technology, most vehicles are even harder to unlock than ever before. This is where Auto Keys come in. Our extensive knowledge ensures continued investment in the latest technological breakthroughs that can penetrate these state-of-the-art systems. Our tool can decode all types of vehicles; by cutting new keys, programming deficient systems and creating new keys for every kind of vehicle on the road.

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Replacement Keys

We will have your vehicle up-and-running as soon as possible, and we will make sure to follow the proper procedures. The vehicle is treated properly as well as making sure our costs are lower than our competition; especially when it comes to the exorbitant costs often found at dealers. Review our website in order to find out which types of vehicles we offer replacement keys for, or if you have an enquiry you can use our online contact form or ring one of our representatives by phone on 07958 640814.

We have lots of satisfied customers; many have even detailed the many times whereby one of our locksmiths arrived within only thirty minutes of a call. After only 5 minutes the vehicle was opened and everything was back to normal! We take on all kinds of jobs, whether it is highly intricate or a basic procedure. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 and the most important thing is you are able to get back to your daily life. In some circumstance we create a brand new key fob, a new key, or a new transponder; whatever the case, our professional locksmiths can do it all.

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