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Replacement Car Keys Auto Locksmiths Essex UK

Replacement car keys: Either cut to code, pattern or lock. Our auto locksmiths carry blank keys that can be cut at the roadside with the latest key cutting machinery that utilises computer software to ensure all new car keys produced are a perfect fit.

Lost car keys can be re-manufactured and cut to code from the vehicle door or ignition lock. If your car is fitted with an immobiliser system it will only operate with a correctly programmed transponder key and we will need to reprogram a new key to your vehicles main ECU or immobiliser box.

Replacement Car Keys: If you only have one key for your vehicle it makes good sense to contact us now and have us produce spare car keys. Using sophisticated computerised machinery we are able to copy car keys for most vehicles. Spare car keys are much easier and cost effective to produce. So don’t wait until you lose all of your car keys. We are able to produce new keys even if you have lost your main master key.

Replacement Car Keys Service Auto Locksmiths Essex UK

Replacement Car Keys: We would always recommend that you have a spare key to your vehicle. On average a spare key is 75% cheaper than a new key in a lost key situation. Save yourself money now with a spare key. We come to you.

We have specifically designed mobile cloning equipment for making replacement car keys or spare keys which allows us to keep our costs down and pass that discount onto you.

We can program the transponder chip in your new key allowing the car to start when the key is turned in the ignition using the latest programming equipment.We cover most car makes, models and light commercials.

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